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Setting Up Files

Setting up your files correctly can make a world of difference in the final outcome.

we recommend starting your project in CMYK or at least converting from RGB before you send it in for printing for a few reasons. The apparent color change from RGB to CMYK can be dramatic in many cases, such as when your artwork has a lot of bright red in it. If you desire the best possible color accuracy on your final prints, you will want to consistently set the color models for your design files before submission. This may be critical in cases where brand colors have been specifically set to a color hex code and color swatch. In these case, yes you should definitely make sure you have set the correct color models. Here’s a great tool to make the best out of your color selections. Use your color pick in photoshop or illustrator to fine the correct color to replace the RGB color.

If you are not setting up you files just let your graphic artist know you will need the final in CMYK mode. save in Tiff format.

When submitting images with custom dimensions, we will resize the image based on the width you choose or input. When selecting “print ready” that means no work is needed and we will print “as is”. If you are not sure, Select I don’t have Tiff and we will do the correction.

Saving As TIFF or PNG in Photoshop

Choose File > Save As, choose TIFF or PNG from the Format menu, and click Save.

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